I feel your pain

My morning training sessions generally begin at 6:30am. As I arrive, there is usually a few young guys and girls up out to improve themselves. I admire their enthusiasm until I observe their sweatercise and acrobatic routines. Sometimes it's amusing to watch and sometimes it's downright painful. Either way, it is hard not to stare. 

I remarked to my client that as impressive as these wannabe ninja warriors can be, the joints are not designed to sustain that repeated abuse, especially movements performed haphazardly. My client turned to me this week and said,”You know Erwin. You are going to have to accept that in your ‘Be.Move.Do.’ philosophy there is also room for chaos.”

I concede. There is ALWAYS room at the table for chaos. There is also room for precaution.

Is the temporary glory worth the price you end up paying?Whether we like it or not, we are only made of flesh and blood. Eventually, gravity wins. There is no pill or surgery that will restore any body back to 100% or to another era in time. If there were, I would definitely consider taking it. I’m only human too.


Hear about the NEW #IceBucketChallenge already? #ALS is an underfunded HORRIBLE disease that turns its victims bodies into a prison as the brain remains unaffected. The organization deserves every dollar pledged to it. There are over 2,000,000 posted online. Whew! Your nipples are hard, it’s cold. We get it! Here’s some news…

  • 780 million people lack access to an improved water source; approximately one in nine people.
  • Over 2.5X more people lack water than live in the United States.
  • An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than the average person in a developing country slum uses for an entire day.

Here’s the NEW Challenge: If you are going to do the Challenge then be equally charitable and please skip a shower or two that week. This challenge is also retroactive.

Life is as hard as you make it.


Life is sometimes hard. However, life is, often, only as hard as you make it. If you are unprepared to ask for help, accommodation or assert your needs, you are certain not to receive assistance. There is zero valor in taking the hard road simply because you don’t want to face the music or humble yourself. It will only cost you time, money and tax your wellness. Conversation is the access to power and it is much more uncomfortable to avoid them. Think about it.

Exercise Consciously.



I’m done with pounding the soiled laundry 
on the rocks.
No more trying to release what bonded to the fibers when 
the shit hit the fan.

Folding, analyzing, accepting
some stains are 
permanent. Baggage unpacked. 
From 50,000 feet, patterns emerge. 
Striving to not repeat same mistakes,
heed the message…the first time.

The grit to know 
and adultproof life’s blessings,
forgiveness becomes the new black.
Mental strength like muscle 
strength is not unlimited;

Hello bespoke life.
Celebration, self-actualization; 
Make your
happier NOW.
Act of courage? No.

It’s our Birthright.

Had the honor of seeing #Violet the Musical during its closing week. You must go if you can. #Amazing #Uplifting #inspiring #suttonfoster You will leave feeling healed. Thanks for recommendation (at American Airlines Theatre)

What trainers don’t share about exercise…

I am so sore right now, I can’t pretend that it feels good and spin a story about how exercise is always awesome. I live a physical life. Not shy about it, but it comes at a cost. It is not always a Disney Day. If you need that message, watch the video below.

The truth is every fit person is living in some form of pain. (That goes for every dancer, athlete, soldier, fireman, EMT, physique model, action star, and anyone who uses their body daily. Even Mr. INSANITY himself told me he’s injured and looking to retire soon.) Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone you admired told the truth? It is almost as if being HUMAN makes one weak. Look past the pictures you see. Real life is not about posturing as a guru, posting selfies and enhancing image via smoke and mirrors. It’s about hard work and managed pain.

Oh, since I’m coming clean let it be known that I go to bed hungry some days too. I’m not fasting, taking supplements and doing a liquid cleanse. I manage my diet so to meet my energy needs. I restrict my calories. I avoid a diet of junk. It takes more thought but so does managing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Physically, I am also not taking short cuts. I’m not out having aerobic orgasms at SoulCycle or performing some generic adrenaline fueled workout of the day at my local social club. I methodically push myself to strengthen my core, maintain my mobility, increase my flexibility and sustain my strength. The mix of diet and exercise makes life challenging. Sometimes that shite downright hurts.  

It is not every day that I’m aching but there many days when I spill out of bed with my muscles screaming. And before you think it, it is not an age thing. It hurt even when I was twenty-six. The difference is with age, you don’t spring back as fast. (There are also many people living in pain who don’t exercise at all. It is another type of cause-and-effect.)

Having admitted all this, I need to assert that being sore doesn’t mean I haven’t gone grocery shopping today, nor trained again, nor trained a client, avoided home cooking, agonized about writing this blog, refused to ride my bike in favor of a cab (almost), am not cleaning my home and won’t go to the theater tonight. I will have done and will do all these things but it doesn’t change I will do it all sore. Again, no regrets.

"Why bother" you may wonder. Well, the alternative is to not meet life’s challenges in the best shape I can manage. I like fitting into my clothes. I enjoy feeling good about myself, emotionally, physically and sexually. Living with regret, making excuses, being defensive, avoiding my reflection, seeking misdirection by vanity obsessed entrepreneurs, these behaviors would certainly hurt me more, nag at my spirit.  

As long as I have ibuprofen. I have a friend. And not to mention the Dalai Lama approves. 


Goodbye to The Civil Wars

My first exposure to the musical group The Civil Wars was when they opened for Adele at The Beacon Theater in NYC on May 19,2011.

I took these photos (there are TWO if you click on them) of the duo after their set, when they were hanging out in their merch booth signing CD’s and talking to fans. Aside from being swept up by their immense talent, they were incredibly self-effacing and funny both on stage and off.

At one point during their opening set, Adele surprised them with a bouquet of flowers as it was their last night on her tour. They spoke of late nights drinking and doing karaoke in bars on the road. This was that quiet time before Adele became ADELE.

Well, if names prove prophetic it seems they had an internal civil war that couldn’t be rectified or bridged so onward and solo they go. As a fan, I have the memory.

The very idea that a career can be made from posting #selfies and nattering on #Twitter makes it hard to argue with a child, or young adult, about the value of an education and the character one develops through hard work. All we can do is live by example, focus on the big picture and hope they get the message. #Integrity matters.

Think traffic in NYC is bad? Look at traffic in Ho Chi Minh City. There wasn’t a day crossing the street when my heart wasn’t in the back of my throat. There were no crossing signs obeyed. NO yield for pedestrians. It was cross when you can. In most cases, it was run like hell. The strategy was to wait on the corner until more people gathered then you would cross en masse, safety in numbers.  I was in a van that hit a pedestrian and the driver laughed and kept driving. There was no law to notify. True.

Sometimes the noise of the world can be very distracting. Learn to stop and listen selectively to what matters. Let the rest fade to grey. #focus #relax #justBe (at jackson square, new orleans, la)

'Cause I'm Happy

Happiness is. I am. 

There are a full palette of emotions between happy, sad and angry. I highly recommend every evolved adult get a thesaurus of assorted mood words.


2014 has, in fact, been a Year of Be. I have had to accept a number of things. For example, what if not everything happens for a reason? What if sometimes things just happen? Can you embrace a memory and detach the disappointment associated with it? In short, the answer is…you decide.

Like happiness, every happening becomes history. Every feeling passes, even despair. 

The light at the end of the tunnel that you may suspect is an oncoming train can actually be LIGHT. 

When darkness fades, we almost forget things were once so hard. DON’T FORGET. Remember the journey because another one is around the corner. As you survived the last trial, you will survive the next. UNBROKEN.

I find pain closely associated with craving past comforts. There is strength in embracing the insecurity of the unknown. I seek a life of meaning not a life of happiness.

Happiness is. I am…wiser. 

x. Erwin